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ifeelgames was birthed out of a need for resources for herself and the children that Shontell was treating. Shontell wanted tools that she could use to provide an effective experience for her clients.  Shontell believes  that equipping parents is a solution to the mental health crisis we are experiencing and therefore developed games and tools that parents can use at home. 

Ifeelgames has a strong focus on Social and Emotional Learning (SEL).
Studies show that Emotional Intelligence is a key factor in a child’s happiness as well as their success in later life. Ifeelgames has also launched SEL videos to equip parents, professionals as well as schools to teach Emotional Intelligence or EQ. Ifeelgames provides Social and Emotional Learning tools for parents, psychologists, Occupational Therapists as well as schools.


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Safari Site 6: Feeling worried and confused

You will meet Bill the Buffalo and Mandy the Monkey

You will learn what makes people angry

How different people react when they get angry

What makes you angry

How to tell someone how you feel when you are angry

How to calm down

How to use Bill’s traffic light to calm down