Ifeelvideos creates online Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) programmes for children.

These programmes are used by kids, parents, professionals and schools.

Kids are taught skills and coping toolss to manage their emotions and thrive in their environment.

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How to identify and manage your emotions



Manage your Emotions
Complete Series of 8 Videos

This is an 8 part video series that teaches children how to identify and manage their emotions. Each video is jam packed with fun stories, games, activities, object lessons and much more.

Children are taught to identify and managed their emotions while going on safari. They are taught EQ skills, coping skills, how to regulate their emotions and how their thinking influences their behavior to name a few things.

Children learn EQ as well as social skills, how to communicate their emotions with the people around them as well as to understand how other people feel (empathy).

A workbook is provided so that children have the best interactive learning experience as well as a way to track their understanding and progress.


what are feelings video. Social & Emotional Course by Ifeelgames.co.za

Safari Site 5: How to calm down when you are feeling angry

You will meet Bill the Buffalo and Mandy the Monkey

You will learn what makes people angry

How different people react when they get angry

What makes you angry

How to tell someone how you feel when you are angry

How to calm down

How to use Bill’s traffic light to calm down


Feeling angry & how to calm down video. Social & Emotional Course by Ifeelgames.co.za

Safari Site 6: Feeling worried and confused

You will meet Craig the Crocodile and Charlie the Cheetah

You will learn what it means to feel confused

You will learn what it means to feel worried and anxious

How to make yourself feel better 

Things to do to make yourself feel better


Feeling worried & confused video. Social & Emotional Course by Ifeelgames.co.za