Shontell Fiet

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Shontell Fiet is a social worker (B SW) with vaste experience working in various non-profit organisations and schools. She is a child therapist and parent coach, working with children on all issues but specialising in anxiety, how to deal with emotions and behavior management.

She is in private practice in Cape Town, South Africa.

A parent coach who motivates and encourages parents with a strong emphasis on good values but equipping parents with the challenges in today’s world. 
She has created games and videos for children that teaches social skills, anger management, coping skills and how to deal with their feelings.
Tailor made parent talks ranging from raising children in today’s world, screen addiction, coping with anxiety and how to calm down your youngster.


Shontell has vaste experience in the areas of:

  • Group therapy

  • Play therapy

  • Individual counselling

  • Workshops for parents

Contact Shontell to learn more about how emotional intelligence games can help kids to express their feelings