Games to help parents understand how their kids really feel.

Shontell Fiet

iFeel, FIND THE FEELING, was developed by Shontell Fiet, play therapist, initially to assist social workers when encouraging kids to express their feelings in a FUN non-threatening way.

Due to the success it has achieved, as an effective Play Therapy tool, is was decided to bring the game to market for the benefit of other therapists, teachers and parents.

iFeel, FIND THE FEELING, can be enjoyed as a FUN game with kids from as young as 3 years old and used as an Emotional Intelligence tool into their early teens.

Why do Kids need this GAME?

  • To help them NAME and EXPRESS their feelings

  • Identify what has HURT their feelings




Find the feelings iFeel Games Playing Cards


I feel parenting evolved from Shontell’s therapy practice when she realised that if the parent is educated, the child can be helped on a more permanent level. Ifeelparenting believes in the philosophy that “It’s not what we do that is most important, but who we raise”. 

Shontell started ifeelparenting when she realised that the world that we live in is not the same one as our parents had to navigate and is currently still evolving. Parents are facing new challenges every day and Shontell loves equipping parents with the latest child psychology and parenting expertise. Shontell gives talks that equip parents to navigate todays problems within a practical and scientific framework.
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Shontell’s interest in working with children started 20 years ago when she volunteered at a street children’s home which sparked a lifelong passion to help children live better lives. Shontell received her Degree in Social Work (BSW) and then went on to specialise in Play Therapy. Due to the rise in anxiety and the incredible need in her practice she developed the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy based Anxiety Free for Kids Course. After Shontell realised that most of the parents of these children were anxious she also developed an Anxiety Free for Parents Course. 



Ifeelgames was birthed out of a need for resources for herself and the children that Shontell was treating. Shontell wanted tools that she could use to provide an effective experience for her clients.  Shontell believes  that equipping parents is a solution to the mental health crisis we are experiencing and therefore developed games and tools that parents can use at home. 

Ifeelgames has a strong focus on Social and Emotional Learning (SEL).
Studies show that Emotional Intelligence is a key factor in a child’s happiness as well as their success in later life. Ifeelgames has also launched SEL videos to equip parents, professionals as well as schools to teach Emotional Intelligence or EQ. Ifeelgames provides Social and Emotional Learning tools for parents, psychologists, Occupational Therapists as well as schools.


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